Help Put up the Swan Lights!

Photo courtesy of Michael Maguire

For those who lived here a decade or more ago, you may remember the holiday decorations around Lake Morton.  At some point the decorations went away. LMNA adopted the swan lights, but we are not sure what happened to the bunnies or frogs. The Swans sat in storage for many years, needing much repair.  The LMNA last year committed to fixing the swans and having them adorn Lake Morton once again.

Board member Jeff Winter took on this project.  The old lights had to be stripped from the frame. The frames need to be recoated and new lights attached. Lastly, coordination with the city to locate possible electricity sources was needed. Jeff oversaw the entire project and, when all was ready, installed the swans along the shore of Lake Morton himself.

This year Jeff is looking for some help. Remember, last year he did it solo so this is not particularly difficult. But it is more fun and festive if others help and learn how to do it. We are waiting for the electric boxes to be installed before Jeff can set up the lights. But if you have an interest in helping, please email us and Jeff can contact you with the date and time. If you are available then GREAT! Guys and gals alike are welcome.

Once in place, five sets of swans can be found around the lake. They add to the beauty and festive scene of Lake Morton during the holidays.


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