2020-2022 Board

Follow the neighborhood on FACEBOOKThis page is controlled by the LMNA board. We post news relevant to the neighborhood, meeting information, etc.

Join the FACEBOOK GROUP. This group was started by a Lake Morton resident. All members of the group can post directly to the page. Share information, ask questions, etc. This is a great way for neighbors to connect directly – neighbor to neighbor.

Join the GMAIL GROUP. ( This email group functions much the same as the Facebook group.  Members of the group have the ability to reach all members of the group via email. We ask that this be a forum for the neighborhood, not a place for solicitations or to promote a business.  Sometime members will post available rentals or homes for sale and that is OK. We’d like to know when property is available in the neighborhood. It is also OK to ask for advice about products or services from your neighbors. This group can function like an “Angie’s List” where neighbors ask for recommendations from other neighbors.Plus the group is searchable by topic. So if you remember an email about a plumber that you want to find, you can search the google group by key words and find that email(s).

Follow the Home Tour on FACEBOOK. The Home Tour is our major fundraiser for the year. We are always looking for homeowners who’d like to show their homes on the tour or just volunteer to help that day! Your house DOES NOT have to be perfect. Everyone has a story to tell! The event covers owners with a liability policy.

To reach LMNA Board volunteers, please email us at