The South and East Lake Morton Historic District Neighborhoods (the Lake Morton Historic Districts), located primarily south and east of Lake Morton and north of Lake Hollingsworth, are important to Lakeland because of their architectural integrity and historical elements.Although the development of these neighborhoods began around 1906, most of the houses were built during the Florida Boom between 1920 and 1926.

This era provides the basis for the predominant architectural character of Bungalow and Mediterranean styles exhibited today.

The area’s rolling topography and occasional angular or curvilinear streets and lake shores provide pleasant images, spaces and vistas, creating a character unique in Lakeland and rare in Florida cities. The presence of the Florida Southern College’s Frank Lloyd Wright campus, the Lakeland Public Library , and the Polk Museum of Art , as well as several other architecturally or historically significant public and semi-public buildings, further support the neighborhood’s quality and character.