If you own or rent a property in the South or East Lake Morton historic districts, you are automatically a member of the Lake Morton Neighborhood Association! Our first level of membership is free! We’d love to get to know our neighbors and let you know about events, activities and city news that affect our neighborhood.  Simply fill out the contact form  at the bottom of this page and be sure to sign up for the email notifications. You can also follow us on Facebook!

Becoming a member is simple!
1. Fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.
2. If you choose to be a voting member, pay online at our secure Square Market website. The link is found in the sign up form below. Your membership begins the month you join and lasts for 1 year.

Or mail your check to the address below:
Lake Morton Neighborhood Association
Post Office Box 1362 • Lakeland, FL 33802-1362  

What to know if you are a current paid member?  Just email us and we will check.

Why Join?

We all live in the neighborhood together. Shouldn’t we get to know each other? Watch out for each other? LMNA is a proactive organization and meets regularly to discuss pressing neighborhood issues.  We also keep neighbors informed of opportunities to socialize via the Facebook page and email group.  Neighbors offer helpful tips and recommendations of service providers for our historic homes, all for free.

Paid membership include discounts or free attendance at LMNA sponsored socials/events, porch parties and the holiday party.

Paid members can also serve on the Board of Directors and vote at meetings.

Click here to learn what LMNA has done for you lately!

The Lake Morton Neighborhood Association is open to all residents and businesses of the South and East Lake Morton areas. The organization relies on membership to provide community support for programs, issues and events such as regular meetings, porch parties, Adopt-a-Lake events, and items of urgent interest.

The purpose of the Lake Morton Neighborhood Association is to:

  • Maintain, enhance, and encourage quality housing that reinforces the character, charm and architectural integrity of our historic neighborhood;
  • Provide a focal point for all neighborhood issues that affect a significant number of our residents;
  • Promote beautification, pride, and good stewardship of neighborhood amenities and common spaces to combat neighborhood and community deterioration including juvenile delinquency; and
  • Promote communication and cooperation between neighborhood residents as well as between the neighborhood and organizations within and including the City of Lakeland.

Membership Levels

  • The Business Membership – ($50 per year)
  • The Household Membership ($25 per year) – 2 voting members, web site access, porch parties, may serve on the board
  • The Individual Membership ($15 per year) – voting member, web site access, porch parties, may serve on the board
  • Neighbor Membership – non-voting, gets general information via email, invited to monthly meetings

Membership is effective from the month you join for one year. No need to wait until January.

Join Today!

 For further questions email us via the connect page.

We appreciate your membership and support!