Lover’s Oak Farewell Gathering

By Julie Townsend, LMNA President

UPDATE: The city has no plans to remove the tree at this time. We will update the community of things change.

We are sad to see that the city must remove this amazing 300+ year old oak tree at the corner of Success Ave and Lake Morton Drive. But, it is clear from the very detailed report that the tree won’t last.  As much as we love the tree, it is not worth a human life.

The Lake Morton Neighborhood Association (LMNA)  is sponsoring a farewell gathering on Saturday, September 9th from 3pm to 6pm on the shore of Lake Morton across from the tree.  Stop by and tell us your stories or just to mingle with your neighbors. We’ll provide waters, shade and a few chairs. It is a come and go event.

An opportunity to purchase a piece of this history 

LMNA is organizing a fundraiser for Historic Lakeland, Inc. We thought a really cool way to provide a keepsake of the Lover’s Oak for those who’d like one would be to provide an opportunity for you to have a professional photo under the tree along with a slice of one of the limbs. Grab your significant other or your whole family for a portrait under the tree. Sign up via the link below to purchase a slice of one of the tree limbs and/or a professional photo from photographer David Dickey, Jr.

Your photo will be emailed to you as a high resolution jpeg file so you can crop and/or resize it and use it in as many ways as you desire. The slices, of course, will not be available on Saturday. But by registering below with your contact information, we will be able to communicate the time and place to pick up your slice.

Ordering your items is a 2 step process.

STEP 1: Please fill out this form first.

STEP 2: Then visit the link to our online store below to pay. LMNA’s SQUARE STORE

If you have questions or issues, please email us at or text to 863.608.8750.

The city of Lakeland’s Tribute video below. Click the photo to view the video.

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